Visual Studio Reference Swapper

The primary goal of this project is to help with situations where I am working with a project/solution that references other projects - but want to only release source code for some of the projects.

  1. Find project references
  2. Copy selected dlls to a local folder
  3. Delete the project reference from the project file
  4. Re-add the reference as a file reference using the local copy we just created

Right now, this works in very specific situations but lacks the full flexibility that it needs. For now, it assumes the project has already been built in the desired configuration before you try to do the swaps.


  1. Add functionality to allow making changes to a new version of the files instead of changes in place
  2. Auto-Build project if needed
  3. Add msbuild task
  4. Add console version of app
  5. Make as Visual Studio Extension
  6. Extend to be a full implementation of EnvDTE

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